GAATI Research Group

Department of Mathematics of French Polynesia


The GAATI lab
The GAATI offices on the campus of the University of French Polynesia.


The group is hiring a visiting associate professor for two years, once renewable, starting September 2016; contact the group head (see below) for details. Applicants must already hold a French MCF position.

The Group

The GAATI group is the research component of the Department of Mathematics at the University of French Polynesia; it is additionally a research unit (EA 3893) of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. GAATI is the French acronym for Algebraic Geometry and Applications to Information Theory and reflects the research interests of the group.

For inquiries, contact its head (Alexey Zykin) at the email address <zykin followed by> or at the postal address:

Laboratoire de mathématiques GAATI
Université de la Polynésie française, BP 6570
98702 Faaa, French Polynesia